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Monday, October 30, 2017

Raven Run photo day

I took a "personal day" and went to Raven Run with my camera. I told myself to pretend that I only had black and white film in my camera to force myself to look for patterns and "small" views. I ended up finding a couple spots that made me glad to not be limited to B&W. A good way to spend a couple of hours on a nice fall day.

I found a pool of water with great reflections of fall colors, doesn't look as nice in B&W

Looking up instead of down

Another part of the creek had some neat ripples and sunlight. If I was sticking with the spirit of the exercise, I would just have the B&W, but I like the color ones as well.

And some B&W ones

This moth demanded color

Friday, August 25, 2017

Creek Hiking

Dayhike somewhere in the Daniel Boone National Forest

I got to the trailhead and the temperature was 65, the forecast was for sunny and upper 70s. A perfect day for a creek hike. 

The whole day I was thinking how nice this area is compared to the RRG. There was very little trash and even the couple fire rings did not have garbage in them. I would hate for this area to become a "destination" like the Gorge, so I am not going to mention it by name. 

Not many flowers today.

Not a flower, but still pretty

A small waterfall just off the trail

A much larger waterfall and a great place for lunch. I saw a biker here, he was in the process of lugging his bike up the trail and was planning on riding some of the forest roads up on the ridges.

I took the creek back to the car instead of retracing my path on the trail. I had heard good things about this creek hike and was really looking forward to it. Most of the creek was ankle to calf deep, but there were parts where it was up to my crotch. I was glad I was doing this hike in August and not in March.

There were lots of rock houses...

... and cliffs ...

... and waterfalls (this was the biggest, about 50 feet tall) ...

...smaller waterfalls (this was about 5 feet tall) ...

...and lots of little trickles ...

... and only one snake. This one was small enough that I though it was a big worm at first, still don't like snakes.

This was a great way to spend a couple of hours. Now, I need to go back with my camera and tripod.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Waterfalls and kids

Yamacraw Bridge Trailhead (Big South Fork)
6/25 - 6/27/17 (2 nights)
2017 bag nights: 13

I took my oldest on a two night backpacking trip in Big South Fork. We started at the Yamacraw Bridge trailhead and took the Sheltowee Trace north to Princess Falls where we set up camp. Princess Falls is just off camera to the right.

I had been by here once before and had it pegged as a great place to camp with kids. Thankfully, no one else was there (although we passed about 15 people total that had day hiked to the falls).

Princess Falls

The kids had fun playing in the sand and water while I read a book.

And played with my SLR and tripod

The next day, we hiked about a mile to Lick Creek Falls.

I'll bet it is pretty neat after a lot of rain.

Someone had clearly been doing some engineering, my kids proceeded to add to the construction.

not bad for a cell phone photo

While they worked on their construction project, I got out the tripod and SLR again. The falls are really hard to capture because there is a huge dynamic range. On top of that, they are tall and wide and it is impossible to back up because of the vegetation. The below photo is a stitch of 8 individual photos and probably gives the best idea of what the falls look like, except you can barely see the water of the falls.

Then back to camp and more playing in the water. I got a fire going to roast marshmallows.

Almost sunset, almost bedtime

"Can I read just a little bit by the fire?"

We had a great couple of nights, the kids played well with each other and everyone had fun.