Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Boy's Trip to Bee Rock (KY)

I had stumbled across mention of Bee Rock campground on kywilderness.com and thought it sounded like a good place for a trip with the kids. We had nice weather in the middle of the week, so the boy and I headed off for our first "boys trip" together.

The Rockcastle river was very high from all of the recent rain. We both enjoyed watching the tree branches floating down the river and under the bridge. We hiked to the top of Bee Rock (top of the picture below) where one of us enjoyed the views.

 Then a campfire, brats, roasted marshmallow for the boy, and a ~4 year old homebrewed "Old Ale" for me.

On our way out, we stopped one more time to "talk" the the geese

A great way to spend 24 hours with my son.